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Beyond the ADHD Diagnosis: Understanding Common Learning Disabilities in ADHD Children

by Larry Silver, M.D. This article comes from: http://www.additudemag.com/adhd/article/787.html Roughly half of all children diagnosed with ADHD also suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia. Here are some common symptoms. A mother takes her daughter to the family doctor because she's always tired and lacks energy. The doctor notes that the linings of her eyelids are pale and concludes that she has iron deficiency Read full article »

Stages of Acceptance: A personal journey

I can remember the moment very vividly.  The year was 1987.  I was sitting at the kitchen table and Dad was on the telephone.  I was almost eight years old, Ricky was four.  At first I wasn’t really paying attention. Adult conversations were certainly something I could have cared less about at that age. The sense of urgency in Dad’s Read full article »

Children’s Books on Special Needs

Explaining a disability to your child or his classmates, friends and young relatives can be a challenge for parents. These books discuss special needs in a kid-friendly way that can shine a positive light on a tricky topic. 1. Asperger Syndrome Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley PublishersAll Cats Have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann; 65 pages. Each glossy page has a color Read full article »

Book Review: The Short Bus. A Journey Beyond Normal by Jonathan Mooney

  I came across this book one afternoon while searching online for anything to help me, as a Learning Support Teacher, get a better grasp on the emotional delicacies of my students.  I am constantly looking for new ways and ideas to help me help Classroom Teachers, Paraprofessionals, School Administrators and parents/care givers understand some of the struggles  and gain more empathy Read full article »

What a difference a diagnosis makes…

Oh my word!!! How much do I love this newly discovered site - www.smartkidswithld.org  ?  This site takes a genuine and honest look at the positive side of a learning difference diagnosis and encourages kids and parents to do the same.  Please do explore it for ideas about open and honest understanding of learning disabilities or differences.  Well worth a Read full article »

Tumble Books

Tumble Books is a huge online resource of books which can be read or listened to online. Many of the books have quizzes and questions afterword to help explore children's comprehension of the book. To access this students must use the log-in name and password given to them by the school. Please see the LS teacher or classroom teacher for more details.

Brain Pop

Brain POP is the home of fun learning! This site offers student the chance to explore many aspects of the world around us in a lively and exciting way. To access this students must use the log-in name and password given to them by the school. Please see the LS teacher or classroom teacher for more details.

Dance Mat Typing

BBC School's Dance Mat Typing is THE place to go for the least boring way to learn to touch type! This site takes student's through basic typing skills via a host of fun songs and crazy characters. No passwork required!