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AMAZING list of social skills and language skills apps

One dedicated blogger took SIX MONTHS to put together this amazingly comprehensive list of apps for social thinking and language skills.  It is a downloadable PDF that unfortunately doesn't link directly to iTunes but it is a great list!  Many thanks to the author.   Read full article »

SuperDuper Apps

Hi - If you have an iphone, and ipad or an android phone you will see that there area  GREAT number of apps out there that can support children in all learning, from speech and language development, math and literacy right through to social learning.  Our favourite schools resource/publisher SuperDuper have launched a number of app versions of some of the Read full article »

Help develop language

Below is a wonderful article from Dr Virginia Frisk that outlines how to help your child develop their language skills (in any language!) _________________________________ If your child is late to talk, his speech is not understandable to strangers by the time he is three years of age, stuttering develops, or language development seems to get stalled, there are several ways you can Read full article »

Summer Learning Links

The following links provide loads of fun games that promote summer learning! Reading Links: http://sqworl.com/bhntmh Research links: http://sqworl.com/o2eme8 Writing Links: http://sqworl.com/ziec06 ESL Links: http://sqworl.com/sc9rm4 Keyboarding Links: http://sqworl.com/k18gox Creative Projects Links: http://sqworl.com/husre4 Math Links: http://sqworl.com/6f44tt Spelling Links http://sqworl.com/2b2bba Brain Games (memory, auditory skills, processing, attention, etc.) http://sqworl.com/vlkpjg Enjoy Your Summer!! Read full article »

Your Child’s Communication Development: Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

http://www.asha.org/public/speech/development/communicationdevelopment.htm What should I expect my child's speech and language development to be during elementary school? Use this guide! Choose a grade level to learn about common developmental milestones and school expectations for children at that level. ■Kindergarten By the end of kindergarten your child should be able to do the following: Listening ■Follow 1-2 simple directions in a sequence ■Listen to and understand Read full article »

Tumble Books

Tumble Books is a huge online resource of books which can be read or listened to online. Many of the books have quizzes and questions afterword to help explore children's comprehension of the book. To access this students must use the log-in name and password given to them by the school. Please see the LS teacher or classroom teacher for more details.

Brain Pop

Brain POP is the home of fun learning! This site offers student the chance to explore many aspects of the world around us in a lively and exciting way. To access this students must use the log-in name and password given to them by the school. Please see the LS teacher or classroom teacher for more details.

Dance Mat Typing

BBC School's Dance Mat Typing is THE place to go for the least boring way to learn to touch type! This site takes student's through basic typing skills via a host of fun songs and crazy characters. No passwork required!