Hi.  This week we have been making plans for the weeks ahead and identifying what we want to get better at and what we want to focus on.  We have been looking at ways in which to identify expected and unexpected behaviour.  Coming into class and having the teacher standing on the desks is an unexpected behaviour.  Coming out of the bathroom with your pants undone is an unexpected behaviour.  We know that unexpected behaviour makes people have weird thoughts about us and expected behaviour makes people have good thoughts about us.  Simple right?  What about running in the classroom?  Unexpected?  What if you are in PE class?  Hmmm… this is maybe not as easy as it seems.

By using terminology like expected and unexpected behaviour we enable our students to learn to look for clues about what what might be the appropriate way to behave in any given situation.  When we only teach basic rules (don’t talk loudly in church etc) we are not equipping students to be able to learn for themselves and understand how to work things out when they are tricky.

All of this is covered in detail on Michelle Garcia Winner’s pages here and you can even see Michelle herself do a sample lesson below


We are also using some videos from a DVD called ‘Fitting in and Having Fun.  In order to address some of the expected beahviour for the group we looked at ‘Taking Turns Talking’…


Try using the vocabulary of expected and unexpected behaviour at home and see what your child can teach you over the next few weeks.