Children and young people experience degrees of difficulty navigating social situations for a variety of reasons.  They may have attention difficulties which affect their ability to read situations.  They may have a language disorder that inhibits the success in understanding reciprocal language.  They may have a diagnosis like PDD-NOS or Asperger’s Syndrome which makes it difficult to understand the motivations and intention of others.

In order to promote a lifelong ability to negotiate social situations it is vital that we focus on teaching students how to think socially.  Visit for a detailed explanation of what this is.  Broadly speaking, it is the teaching of ways in which students can work out what the right or wrong thing to do is in any given situation.  By teaching only social skills or rules, we don’t teach children how to take this learning and apply it to new situations.  By teaching children how to identify their own thoughts and feelings and how to detect what others are thinking and feeling we are giving them the tools to understand how their behaviour does or does not affect others and therefore affect the way they are treated.

If your child is in one of our Social Thinking Groups then these pages will bring you updates on the concepts and vocabulary that we are working on.

By checking these pages regularly you are collaborating with the teachers to support the Social Thinking learning of your child.  Children are more likely to master concepts and skills efficiently and effectively when they are getting the same messages at school and at home.

As we introduce a new concept and the vocabulary that supports the concept we will share this with you so that you can reinforce the learning at home.  Alongside this, if you are finding success with a particular approach or language then please let us know so that we can reinforce this at school.

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