Some students at ISM receive support in Social Thinking. Social Thinking groups happen throughout ISM and teachers use a common vocabulary to support all students throughout the day. Below is a link from the official Social Thinking website that provides facts and information pertaining to Social Thinking. Have a  look and enjoy!

Social Thinking

On Monday September 16, Michelle Garcia Winner will come to ISM work with the learning support team. She will be observing in classrooms and providing suggestions and feedback on students who could benefit from a “social thinking” program or strategies. There is a parent session on Tuesday September 17 from 8-10am in the Little Theatre which is open […]

AMAZING list of social skills and language skills apps

One dedicated blogger took SIX MONTHS to put together this amazingly comprehensive list of apps for social thinking and language skills.  It is a downloadable PDF that unfortunately doesn’t link directly to iTunes but it is a great list!  Many thanks to the author.  

Grade 3 & 4 Social Thinking Group – Being a Tattle-Tale

Students are always being told to tell an adult if something goes wrong but they are also told not be be a tattle-tale… How confusing! Working out when it is and it is not okay to tell an adult can be a difficult thing for students to understand.  This week in our social thinking group […]

Social Thinking Groups – Grade 1

Hi.  This week week we have been focussing on getting to know each other and working out the best way to enter and leave the classroom as an individual.  Often our students are excited to leave to come to a group or a 1:1 session or they are excited to get back and share what […]

Structured Playdates

Structured Play Dates for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder By Charro Gonzales I have a child who was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism when she was 9 (speech and language disorder when she was 2 and PDD-NOS when she was 7).   She had been attending speech therapy since she was 2 and some occupational therapy […]

Ocean Heaven -Free viewing in January

[youtube][/youtube] There will be a free viewing of the movie Ocean Heaven this month on the following dates and times at the EDSA Shangri-la. January 21 9:00 pm January 22 1:30 pm January 23 6:30 pm January 25 6:00 pm January 27  1:30 pm January 28  3:30 pm January 29  8:30 pm  Ocean Heaven […]

Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence

Meet Carly, a young girl with Autism who for the first time expresses her voice in a shocking way! What an inspiring story which provides evidence that we don’t have all the answers on Autism.   [youtube][/youtube]

Book Review: Ten Things your Student with Autism Wishes you Knew

This 117 page book is packed full of tools for working with all children, not just those diagnosed with Autism. Please visit Ellen’s site for more information on her work with Students who have Autisim: 1. Behavior is communication. All behavior occurs for a reason. It tells you, even when my words can’t, how I perceive […]

Social competence and the child with learning disabilities

From By: Rick Lavoie (2005) Since the inception of the field of learning disabilities in the l960s, helping professionals have concentrated their resources and energies in the remediation and improvement of academic skills. Countless hours of classroom time have been devoted to the children’s mastery of the skills related to language arts, mathematics and […]

Social Thinking-Social Learning Tree

Visit this amazing site for original post and more     Exploring Social Learning by Starting at our Roots By Michelle Garcia Winner, CCC-SLP Learning evolves. The brain’s capacity to acquire new knowledge helps determine how and what we intuitively learn. Some learning happens as a matter of cognitive, social, and emotional development, i.e., from […]

Hypersensitivity: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

Could you be hypersensitive? If you keep hearing “you’re so sensitive!” from family and friends, you could be a highly sensitive person (HSP) and have hypersensitivity. After I told my younger sister, Melissa, about my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) diagnosis, we reminisced about our childhood. “If there were family arguments, we would think it […]

Help develop language

Below is a wonderful article from Dr Virginia Frisk that outlines how to help your child develop their language skills (in any language!) _________________________________ If your child is late to talk, his speech is not understandable to strangers by the time he is three years of age, stuttering develops, or language development seems to get […]

WONDERFUL opportunity for parents!

International School Manila is excited and delighted to announce a free workshop for parents delivered by the renowned communication expert Michelle Garcia Winner on Monday 5th September at 8-10am. Michelle is coming over from the US to deliver a weekend long workshop and then spend two days exclusively with ISM families and teachers. The work […]

Learning About Emotions

Gametime with Zeebu offers a couple of interactive games to use with children to help theem develop an understanding of emotions and facial expressions.  ‘Zeebu’ is an interactive teachng program with puppets, DVDs etc that is aimed at children with an autism sepctrum disorder but the online games are free and fun!

No more ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’

Article on the move to eliminate the term Asperger’s Syndrome from the DMV.

Springtime Planning for Transitions

  A little planning can help your special education child make the transition from school to summer. If you follow these steps, it can be less stressful, and more enjoyable, for everyone involved. The sun is beginning to shine, and the fresh smells of spring are upon us. This time of year is always a […]

Social Competence and the Child with Learning Disabilities

The article below, written by the wonderful Rick Lavoie discusses the social competence needs of children with learning differences.  Please visit By: Rick Lavoie (2005) Since the inception of the field of learning disabilities in the l960s, helping professionals have concentrated their resources and energies in the remediation and improvement of academic skills. Countless […]

What is Pragmatic Language?

Social Language Use (Pragmatics) You have invited your friend over for dinner. Your child sees your friend reach for some cookies and says, “Better not take those, or you’ll get even bigger.” You’re embarrassed that your child could speak so rudely. However, you should consider that your child may may not know how to use […]

Starting back up!

Our G3 social thinking group has been on hold for a couple of weeks due to the exciting rotations happening for the Grade 3 unit of enquiry.  We are hoping to get started back up this week and we will be focusing on ‘Thinking with our eyes’. Thinking with our eyes is when we take […]

When Your ADHD Child Is the Bully Many parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) worry about their kid being bullied at school. But some children with ADHD are bullies. According to a recent study, a child with ADHD is three times more likely to bully other kids than a child without the condition. Here’s how to stop bullying […]

Sportsmanship vs The Destroyer of Fun

With annual Sports Day here at ISM, we take the opportunity to teach and remind all students of good sportsmanship and enjoying a full day of wonderful, physical activities that the PE department has taken much time and planning to provide.

Respectful behaviour

We have been made aware of a couple of incidents recently of  behaviour which could be described as bullying behaviour. Each of these incidents have been dealt with by either one of us or one of us plus an Administrator.  ISM encourages and expects all of our students to treat each other with care and […]

Game playing rules for home.

Dear Parents, There are many ways to work in appropriate social skills practice everyday with your children. Here is one example with game playing:  -Before playing a game, go over the ‘rules’ : take turns, no name calling, when it is not your turn you keep your hands to yourself, wait for other people to […]

Living Out Loud*

‘Living out loud’  is something that we can do very easily as can help our children to learn and understand a great many things.  Living out parents and teachers that loud means verbally documenting things that you are doing, as you do them. To role model problem solving skills to children you can talk yourself through […]

Please stop blurting out!!!*

How to change ‘blurting out’ behaviours.


For the past week or two we have been learning about ‘flexible thinking’ using Michelle Garcia Winner’s ‘Superflex’ curriculum with the Grades 2 through 4 students.  The programme centres around a mythical town called ‘Social Town’.  The greatest superhero that ever was used to live her but he has gone missing!!! In his absence, the […]

Perfect Praise

It is vital that children know what they are being praised for. We are all guilty of giving out a generalistic “Good Job” or unspecific high fives but studnets need to know what it is that they have done right and what they are being praised for.

Working on ASD Time*

In the book ‘Simple Strategies that Work’ (AAOPC Press), Brenda Myles talks about ‘ASD Time’ as meaning “Twice as much time, half as much done”.

Living Out Loud*

Living out loud’ is something that we can do very easily as parents and teachers that can help our children to learn and understand a great many things.