The International School Manila accepts students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.   Each applicant is considered on an individual basis.  The decision to admit an applicant with special needs is made by the Learning Support Resource Team (LSRT).

Any student who is applying for admission and has documented learning needs will receive special consideration by the LSRT.  The School reserves the right to deny any applications where students appear to have needs that cannot be met by our current program.

Students accepted into the Learning Support program will have their needs met through a Learning Support Plan (LSP).  The LSP is implemented within the regular classroom setting to the greatest extent possible.  In some cases, an Educational Assistant is required to assist in implementing the student’s LSP.  There is a supplementary charge for Learning Support Services based on the individual needs of each student.  Currently the school offers three levels of support ranging in intensiveness.

Parents of students with special educational needs are invited to submit an application form and any relevant assessment reports or evaluations that clarify their son or daughter’s educational needs.  Learning support plans (such as IEPs) from the previous school must also be included.  The School may request further assessment information, may interview the parent and/or the student, and may contact the previous school.

In cases where there is no formal evaluation but where the school suspects that there may be special learning needs, the school can require such testing as a condition for admission or for re-enrollment.  The School uses all this information to decide whether the needs of the student can be accommodated within the current program.

Students currently enrolled at ISM can be referred to the Learning Support Resource Team by their classroom teacher at any time.  Once the referral is reviewed, the LSRT will make a recommendation that can include formal Learning Support Services.

If you would like more detailed information on the Learning Support Program at Elementary School then please contact Adam Campbell, the LS Program Leader at

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What are the benefits of Educational Psychological testing?

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