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Ten tips to build self-advocacy skills   Use these helpful tips to promote self advocacy with your child. By Dennise Goldberg Special Education Advisor Blog Self-Advocacy refers to an individual’s ability to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert his or her own interests, desires, needs, and rights. It involves making informed decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions. (VanReusen et al., 1994) Below are ten tips to help build Read full article »

Stages of Acceptance: A personal journey

I can remember the moment very vividly.  The year was 1987.  I was sitting at the kitchen table and Dad was on the telephone.  I was almost eight years old, Ricky was four.  At first I wasn’t really paying attention. Adult conversations were certainly something I could have cared less about at that age. The sense of urgency in Dad’s Read full article »

Book Reivew: The Write Start: A Guide to Nurturing writing at Every Stage, from Scribbling to Forming Letters and Writing Stories

Many of us focus on nurturing the love of reading in our children. Occupational Therapist Jennifer Hallissy tells us nurturing the love of writing is as equally  important. Her book tells us why and how to instill the love of writing as our children and students go from scribblers, to spellers, to storytellers, and finally Scholars.    Her book explains the four basic stages of  writing development. This Read full article »

Social competence and the child with learning disability

From By: Rick Lavoie (2005) Since the inception of the field of learning disabilities in the l960s, helping professionals have concentrated their resources and energies in the remediation and improvement of academic skills. Countless hours of classroom time have been devoted to the children's mastery of the skills related to language arts, mathematics and science. Finally, in the mid-l980s the field Read full article »

Seeing it from the kid’s view

At ES LS we are all about the experiences of the students.  How do they feel about themselves?  How do they compare themselves to others?  Do they know that some things are more difficult for them than for others?  Do they realise that they have enormous strengths and wonderful abilities? This site lets us hear, first-hand, the stories of students from Read full article »

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Tumble Books

Tumble Books is a huge online resource of books which can be read or listened to online. Many of the books have quizzes and questions afterword to help explore children's comprehension of the book. To access this students must use the log-in name and password given to them by the school. Please see the LS teacher or classroom teacher for more details.

Brain Pop

Brain POP is the home of fun learning! This site offers student the chance to explore many aspects of the world around us in a lively and exciting way. To access this students must use the log-in name and password given to them by the school. Please see the LS teacher or classroom teacher for more details.

Dance Mat Typing

BBC School's Dance Mat Typing is THE place to go for the least boring way to learn to touch type! This site takes student's through basic typing skills via a host of fun songs and crazy characters. No passwork required!