There is a good chance that Sensory Processing Disorder will be included in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – 5th Edition).

Inclusion in the manual will have a potentially huge impact for families of children with SPD as there will be a knock on effect on medical insurance funding for Occupational Therapy, funding for schools.

Sensory processing issues are also likely to feature in the changes mooted to arise within the Autism Spectrum Disorder category. It is thought that the diagnosis will change from the current 5 clinical categories to one category of Autistic Spectrum Disorder with ranges from mild to severe. This means that PDD-NOS and Aspergers will disappear. Until now, sensory processing issues have not been part of the diagnosis for ASD although it is thought that over 80% of children on the spectrum have sensory processing difficulties. The DSM – V will most probably include sensory difficulites in the diagnositic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder.