THIS website gives a very comprehensive overview of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Our Learning Support Department recently provided theProgram Leaders in Elementary School with a brief training on Attention Deficits and what might cause them.  We explored the fact that ADHD or other causes like Autism Spectrum Disorder does not mean that a child is unable to ever pay attention but rather that it is a deficit in managing their attention appropriately.

Indeed, children with an attention deficit may be able to display long periods of intense, unbroken concentration when engaged in an activity they love like Lego or PS3 games or even just in something that has caught their interest like a kitten or a bug climbing up the wall or leaves blowing off a tree.  This is often referred to a ‘hyperfocus’.  Children in this frame of mind may get very annoyed or even angry when their attention is broken.  We all find it difficult to pay attention at times but for children with ADHD it can be close to impossible for them to force their attention for longer periods onto something which they do not find totally engaging.

Whole Body Listening


Games That Increase Attention and Focus in ADHD Children

Five ways to reduce the symptoms of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) through fun and games. Helping your young child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) pay attention is hard work, and nagging her or him to “do this” or “stop that” is getting on everyone’s nerves, especially yours. Try a little fun instead, […]

The Importance of Structure and Routines at home

The following article is a look into why structure and routines are so important for children and provides tips on how to get started. Structure: Why Kids Need Routines Why do kids need routines and structure? Because routines give them a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline. Humans are afraid of many […]

Five Tips for Easing Your Child’s Transition Back to School

2013/07/29 By Dani Gillman Remember that old back to school commercial with the mom floating down the aisle of the office supplies store while the holiday classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” played? I never really appreciated that commercial until I became a parent and prepared to send my own child back […]

Friends Forever: Strategies for Better Play Dates & Lasting Friendships for ADHD Children

Friends Forever: Strategies for Better Play Dates & Lasting Friendships for ADHD Children with ADHD expert Fred Frankel, Ph.D. March 11, 2013 @ 2 PM EST   Does your kid struggle to make friends? Do ADHD symptoms such as boredom, inattention, and aggression prevent your child from getting along with others during play dates? Many […]

A Simple Plan for Student Planners

Kids with attention deficit may resist getting organized with a student planner — but our expert tips for using this tool will help even low-key learners. by Susan Kruger Most teachers agree that planners are essential. Students who use them usually earn As and Bs. Students who don’t often miss deadlines and lose points on […]

Improve Working Memory for ADHD Children Improve working memory with these tips, organizing strategies, and routines designed to help your ADD/ADHD child or teen retain information! by ADDitude Editors Working memory is the ability to hold information in mind while performing complex tasks. A young child is able to execute simple tasks — sharpen his pencil when asked — while […]

Beyond the ADHD Diagnosis: Understanding Common Learning Disabilities in ADHD Children

by Larry Silver, M.D. This article comes from: Roughly half of all children diagnosed with ADHD also suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia. Here are some common symptoms. A mother takes her daughter to the family doctor because she’s always tired and lacks energy. The doctor notes that the linings of her eyelids are […]

Being an Efficient Homework Helper: Turning a Chore into a Challenge

Thank you for this helpful article! There are many fantastic tips for helping your child establish routines for homework. Enjoy! Being an Efficient Homework Helper: Turning a Chore into a Challenge By: Regina G.  Richards (2008) “The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882, U.S. poet, essayist […]

Metacognition: Problem-Solving Skills for ADHD Children

Help your ADD/ADHD child’s metacognition with these tips for learning and applying problem-solving skills at school and at home. by ADDitude Editors   Metacognition is the ability to stand back and see oneself when doing a task. You ask yourself, “How am I doing? How did I do?” A young child can change behavior in […]

Distracted While Studying? 6 Tips to Fight Distractions and Get Homework Done!

From fidgeting to shifting between different tasks, six techniques to help distracted ADD/ADHD students focus at school and on their homework. by Melinda Boring Having two children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), I tried a lot of traditional study methods through the years, with no success. Such techniques — usually involving sitting down […]

Children’s Books on Special Needs

Explaining a disability to your child or his classmates, friends and young relatives can be a challenge for parents. These books discuss special needs in a kid-friendly way that can shine a positive light on a tricky topic. 1. Asperger Syndrome Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley PublishersAll Cats Have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann; […]

What can video games teach your child?

Learning through video gaming is an engaging way to inntroduce and develop skills in children like persistance, task initation, reading, organisation and time-management. This week I stumbled across this brilliant site – www.learningworksfor  this stie identifies which games promote which skills.  The website is focused on the skill so you can select from a […]

7 Solutions to ADD Sleep Problems

How to manage when symptoms of ADD/ADHD cause sleep issues. Many adults with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) complain of restless nights and exhausted mornings. Sometimes, ADHD medications cause adverse reactions, other times a turbo-speed brain keeps you up. Just as there is no one reason for ADHD-related sleep disturbances, there is no one solution that […]

“A Stand-Up Idea To Shake Things Up In The Classroom”

A Stand-Up Idea To Shake Things Up In The Classroom August 22, 2011|By SARAH CODY, Fox CT Across the nation, schools are experimenting with a new concept: the stand-up desk. Kids are opening their books and learning their geography, algebra and social studies as they lean against these cool, adjustable stands. And fidgeting is encouraged! […]

ADHD Food: The Right Carbs, Fats, Proteins, and More

Foods and nutrients — such as complex carbs, fish oil, protein, and certain vitamins — could boost ADHD brain power. Discover how! Scientists finally agree with parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) who have suspected a connection between the kinds of foods their children eat and their behavior and symptoms. Two recent […]

ADHD Back-to-School Prep: 10 Talks to Have for a Great School Year

ADHD Back-to-School Prep: 10 Talks to Have for a Great School Year The beginning of the school year is a great time to sit down and have conversations with your ADHD child and the other important people in his life to make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to managing his […]

Helping ADHD Children Master Time

Children with attention deficit disorder often struggle to understand sequence, tell time, and prioritize — with their education paying the price. Find out how to help your ADHD student comprehend clocks, calendars, and other time management skills, here. Organization and time management are not innate skills. Any child — with or without ADHD — must […]

Sleep Loss in Early Childhood May Contribute to the Development of ADHD Symptoms

Findings from a new, large scale research project “suggest that some children who are not getting adequate sleep may be at risk for developing behavioral problems manifested by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and problems sitting still and paying attention.” More here

Girls get ADHD too!

Why attention deficit hyperactive disorder is so often overlooked in the fairer sex. By Christina Boufis WebMD The Magazine Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD Neil Peterson, a transportation specialist in Seattle, knew something was “not quite right” with his bright, sociable daughter Kelsey when she was in elementary school. “It took her so long to […]

19 Celebs living with ADHD has put together a slideshow of famous people living with ADHD

Summer Learning Links

The following links provide loads of fun games that promote summer learning! Reading Links: Research links: Writing Links: ESL Links: Keyboarding Links: Creative Projects Links: Math Links: Spelling Links Brain Games (memory, auditory skills, processing, attention, etc.) Enjoy Your Summer!!

What are the benefits of Educational Psychological testing?

In certain circumstances parents will be asked to arrange for a full Educational Psychological Assessment for their child.  The fundamental reason for this is to give the LS teachers a greater understanding of the root causes of a difficulty that a student is having in order to plan the best possible supports in the classroom. […]

Yoga for Kids over the school break.

Staying in Manila for a few weeks during the holiday?  Kids bored already?  Looking for a great, healthy activity that focuses on attention, posture, balance and over all well being? Then you are in LUCK! Yoga + in the Fort is now offering Yoga for Kids classes. Yoga + is located in the Fort Legends […]

My Story and Tips that work By: Jamie Janove

Here is another first person article from Following Bliss My name is Jamie Janover. I want to tell you how my life has been affected by having learning and attention disabilities. Actually, it seems to me rather odd to call them disabilities, because for me, those disabilities have turned out to be among my […]

Special Needs Summer Education Alternatives

Courtesy of ADDitude Online Magazine Without structured educational activities during summer break, children with attention deficit (ADD/ADHD), learning disabilities, and other special needs often suffer learning loss. Try this plan for an alternative summer school to keep your child learning while still making time to have fun. As soon as school is out for the […]

Unpopular children: Why don’t they like me?

A new theory claims that being an unpopular child is a learning difficulty, just like dyslexia – and the good news is that it can be treated By Tanith Carey Tuesday, 15 February 2011   Forever alone: having good relationships with peers is essential to self-esteem and success. At the age of nine, Victoria is […]

“Do I have ADHD?”

This is the question posed by UK comedian Rory Bremner in a documentary for BBC Radio 4.  Bremner is now an adult but started to explore whether he may have ADHD after a young relation was diagnosed with the condition.  This article explains Bremner’s perspective.  

Build Academic Skills Over Summer Vacation Engage your ADHD child in summer learning to keep his academic skills sharp and help him succeed in school. After a long, perhaps challenging, school year, it’s important for kids to have a break. But it’s also crucial for them to keep learning. Without the continuous use of academic skills, children with learning disabilities […]

Drop the Rope

Katherine Ellison is a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative journalist, her latest book is titled “Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention”Posted: Drop the Rope For three years after my 9-year-old son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I figured he was the problem. After all, I was getting constant calls from his teachers, complaining that he […]

ADD/ADHD Summer Camp Directory CANADA Camp Kirk Ontario, Canada Web: Toll-free: 866-982-3310 Camp Kirk offers a Canadian coed overnight camp experience for children ages 6-13 with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorders, incontinence, and/or bedwetting difficulties. Since 1993, Camp Kirk has provided a nurturing, noncompetitive environment. Allow your child to feel the magic of empowerment […]

Our famous friends…

A couple of good friends of mine sent me their thoughts on growing up with dyslexia, ADHD etc. Orlando Bloom [youtube][/youtube] Richard Branson [youtube][/youtube] OK so unfortunately neither Mr. Bloom or Mr. Branson are friends of mine but I found both of these little clips really inspiring.  Branson in particular seems to have excelled in […]

End Distractibility: Improving ADHD Focus at Home and School ADHD students can easily daydream, lose focus, and drift off during school. Find out how to help children with attention deficit disorder fend off distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. The problem: The ADHD student doesn’t seem to be listening or paying attention to class material. He may be daydreaming, looking […]

Bored at school

It is a sad fact that school is just not a great place for some kids.  Educational institutions, no matter how accommodating they try to be, are not usually flexible enough to provide ideal learning environments for those children who cannot bear to be in a classroom.  THIS article tells the story of one young […]

Article from Livestrong

Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation has published the following article on attention and diet. Here.

Attention Deficit and Diet

* The following article has been taken from ADD in many cases has been linked to diet, which includes food allergies and nutritional deficiencies…simply eliminating certain foods or adding others may reduce symptoms or eliminate them altogether. ADD children typically have difficulty focusing which is even more apparent if they have sugar and other […]

Talking on Topic

Grade 1 ‘Friendship Day’ planning rotations are interfering a little with our social thinking group.  We hope to be able to meet on Wednesday again and we will be learning about ‘Talking on Topic’. Listening to what other people are saying, thinking of a relevant and related response and then waiting for a space to […]

Keep Track of Everything with Thse 4 ADHD-Friendly Products The Find One, Find All (via This Finding Essential is a battery-powered, radio-controlled homing device that you attach to the two items you never want to lose — your keys and wallet. Put the fob on your keys and the credit-card-sized device in your wallet. When you press a button on the locator, […]

The Best Software and Gadgets for ADHD Students If your attention deficit student needs help with school work or homework, assistive technology can capitalize on her strengths while working around her challenges. You’ve spent hours working with your ADHD child on math at home. His teacher has done the same at school. You’ve even hired a tutor to help him improve his […]

Watches That Improve ADHD Children’s Focus, Memory, and Sense of Time Parents and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) children tested and reviewed three new watches that promise to grab your child’s attention and teach them valuable lessons about schedules and responsibility. WatchMinder2 (; $79.95) Reviewer: Nancy, mom of Jason, 14 The Challenge: My son’s teachers have told me that he “spaces out” in class, and […]

ADHD School Organization: A Clean Locker It’s all too easy to forget the importance of a student’s locker. Sure, it’s that place where your child keeps his “stuff,” but a locker should ideally be a well-organized base of school-day operations. What it often becomes, however, is a disaster area. When your child with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) can’t find […]

Organisation and Behaviour Management

iReward With this motivation chart, choose the behavior, the reward from your camera or photos, and optional praise. iReward Chart With this motivation chart, assign tasks, track progress, and pay rewards for achievements. myHomework Keep track of homework, classes, tests, and projects with number reminders on the app icon. Time Timer One of the best […]

When Your ADHD Child Is the Bully Many parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) worry about their kid being bullied at school. But some children with ADHD are bullies. According to a recent study, a child with ADHD is three times more likely to bully other kids than a child without the condition. Here’s how to stop bullying […]

The Truth About Your ADHD Child’s Lying Attention deficit children may tell lies as a result of their ADHD symptoms rather than being dishonest. Learn when to punish your ADHD child’s lying and when to deal with its causes. © Few things damage the trust of parents of ADHD children as quickly or deeply as habitual lying. I don’t mean […]

7 Quick Fixes for ADHD Meltdowns © Nothing can make a parent feel more powerless than an ADHD child in meltdown mode. The tears, the irrationality, the flailing limbs? No, I’m not talking about the parent, but the child. When a child breaks down in public, parents feel like failures — we should be able to control our child, […]

ADHD Behavior Therapy: Promoting Discipline & Focus in Kids Research reconfirms the benefits of behavior modification. Here’s how parents can make a real difference in their children’s ADHD behavior – starting now. If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD), chances are, your physician has discussed or prescribed ADD drugs. You may also have learned that behavioral therapy, also […]

Using a Daily Report Card to Improve ADHD School Behavior A daily report card (DRC) can provide much needed consistency for children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. A DRC allows teachers and parents to take aim at the problem behaviors that interfere with a child’s academic success and measure important improvements. DRCs work this way: each day, the teacher monitors and […]

How Recess Promotes Focus for ADHD Children Ask most grade-school children about the best parts of their school day and they’ll probably say, “Lunch and recess.” Ask children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), and they’ll almost certainly shout out those same answers. Why? Because “the teacher doesn’t get mad at me if I get out of my seat, walk around, […]

School Organization Tips for Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities Organizing School Schedules, Homework, ADHD Medications and Backpacks Back-to-school organization tips for your child with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) or learning disabilities including… •Get all homework assignments in writing and keep them in one notebook •Color-code books and supplies by subject •Secure one set of books for home and one for school

Mid-Year Checkup Guide for ADHD Students Could your ADHD child use a mid-year boost to stay interested, motivated, and successful at school through June? If your child is beginning to slump, or you suspect his school accommodations need adjusting, use these eight expert tips to get the school year back on track. Use this printable to help your ADHD student… […]

Learning Disabilities: Recognizing Dysgraphia in Children with ADHD Dysgraphia is a learning disability that sometimes accompanies ADHD and affects writing skills, handwriting and spelling. How to recognize the symptoms… I knew my son had a problem with writing when I saw that his first-grade journal contained mostly drawings and only a few sentences. In second grade, Austin was still reversing the letters […]

Bulimia and ADHD: Is Your Daughter At Risk for an Eating Disorder? Impulsive adolescent girls, particularly ones with ADHD, are especially prone to eating disorders like bulimia. Here’s what parents should know — and do. Your daughter is getting better grades, and she no longer argues — every day, at least — about taking ADHD medication. Life is good. But your parental radar has detected a […]

Is It OCD or ADD/ADHD? It’s not always easy to tell whether it’s attention deficit disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder that’s causing your child to be fidgety, inattentive, or distracted. © Magazine Franklin’s OCD Story Franklin’s symptoms highlight the diagnostic difficulties of discerning between OCD and ADHD. I consulted with the 15-year-old and his parents when he was in tenth […]

Is It a Learning Disability or Inattentive ADD/ADHD? Problems with organization, focus, and time management often point to Inattentive Type ADHD. But sometimes Learning Disabilities are overlooked. How to tell what’s behind the symptoms… A child or adult with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) may be diagnosed with one of three sub-groups: •ADHD-Combined Type means that the individual is hyperactive, inattentive, and impulsive […]

Is It Executive Function Disorder (EFD) or ADD/ADHD? A child or an adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) might be hyperactive, inattentive, and/or impulsive. Clinicians have always understood hyperactivity and impulsivity. The understanding of inattention, though, has shifted from primarily “the inability to stay on task” to a broader concept called executive function disorder (EFD), which involves a pattern of chronic […]

Is It Autism or ADHD? Suspect that your attention deficit child may also be autistic? Here’s what you need to know about diagnosing and treating autism in ADHD children. What Is Autism? Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that affects boys four times as often as girls. Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are usually called Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) by […]

Is It an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) or ADHD?

Does your child struggle to block out background noise, follow conversations or pronounce words correctly? She may have an auditory processing disorder. Henry is fidgety and distractible during classroom activities, according to his second grade teacher. During gym class, he gets cranky and lashes out at classmates who “are yelling at me and telling […]

Is It Asperger’s Syndrome or ADHD?

Are your child’s symptoms related to ADHD or Asperger’s syndrome? Learn more about the differences between warning signs, diagnosis, and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Asperger’s syndrome. Some parents wonder whether their child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) may have some form of autism. And they wonder for good reason: Most […]

Is It Anxiety or ADHD? Analyzing a child’s symptoms to make a correct diagnosis isn’t always easy. About half of all children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) also have a learning disability, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger-control difficulties, a motor tic disorder, bipolar disorder, or an anxiety disorder. Symptoms may also look similar. A child who seems to have ADHD […]

Sending the Right Signals in Your ADHD Home Jackson’s mother brought him to my office because he had suddenly started acting out at night and seemed preoccupied. In an attempt to unravel the puzzle, Jackson and I played some games, drew pictures, and talked about his “worry monster.” “Well,” he said, “I’m not sure if my mom and dad are getting a […]

7 Ways to Reduce Stress: Calming Techniques for ADHD “I finally did it!” Bob, an adult with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD), said to himself, as he walked out of the office at 5 p.m. sharp, to meet his wife for dinner. For the first time in years, he wasn’t late. More important, he was ready to enjoy the night out because he […]

Misunderstood Minds

Do you ever wonder how it feels to have an attention management deficit or a memory difficulty?  ‘Misunderstood Minds’ has a couple of really nice interactive activities that give us a taster of just how much of a challenge a classroom, learning or read or doing math can be for some of our kids with these […]

OK – let’s get it done! Organization

Helping your child learn organizational skills may be quite a challenge for both of you. There is no blueprint for organization. What works one year or for one class will not work for another. Still, if you stay flexible, you can help your child recognize, improve, and work around his or her organizational challenges.

Who has learning disabilities?

Some People With Learning Disabilities (Or Attention Deficit Disorder) Albert Einstein Nelson Rockefeller Galileo Thomas Edison Sylvester Stallone Mozart Gen. George Patton Wright Brothers Leonardo da Vinci John F. Kennedy Cher Whoopi Goldberg Bruce Jenner Gen. Westmoreland Tom Cruise Eddie Rickenbacker Charles Schwab Henry Winkler (The Fonz!) Harry Belafonte Danny Glover F. Scott Fitzgerald Walt […]

First person account

Here is a really inspirational story from one 13 year old female.  More first person accounts can be found at Hope! By: Amanda, Age 13, Boston, Massachusetts Ever since I can remember, I have had trouble in school. The teachers always told me to try harder even though I was trying my best. All […]

LS Teaching Tools and Resources

The ES LS team have finished putting our orders in for next year’s budget. When we get back after the summer we usually have a few big boxes of new resources that we have ordered to use with our LS students. So, what do we use day to day in the LS classroom and in the general classroom with your child? Here is a round-up of some of the rools and programs that we regularly use.

LD OnLine Forums

Research, ask questions, interact or read messages posted by parents and educators about LD and ADHD issues.

Great article on getting your child back into the routine of the new semester after Holiday.

Here is an interesting article posted from LDonline (learning disabilities online) linked to ADDitude Magazine. The Learning Support Department wishes you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.

ADHD Holiday Help: House Rules for Children For the Norman Rockwell family, the holidays are a quiet time of peace, love and togetherness. However, several weeks of school-free kids, cooped up in cold weather along with visiting relatives and in-laws never seem to paint the same pretty picture! This is not to say that each family has exactly the same dynamic […]

Using Multi-Sensory Teaching Methods

Studies from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development have shown that for children with difficulties learning to read, a multisensory teaching method is the most effective teaching method. This is especially crucial for a dyslexic child. But what does it mean? Using a multisensory teaching approach means helping a child to learn […]

ADDitude Magazine

A magazine on living with attention deficit. All sorts of resources for children, adults, parents, or anyone who knows somebody with attention deficit.

More about Executive Function

I came across and lengthy but deeply interested article on Executive Functioning.  I think that we are going to hear more and more about this topic and working memory in the future as not only is it intimately linked with a number of conditions like Autism and ADHD but there are also thoughts that it […]

ADHD/Place in class

Below is an interesting article from ‘USA TODAY’ by Liz Szabo. Youngest in class get ADHD label By Stephanie Diani for USA TODAY Kids who are the youngest in their grades are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than the oldest children, according to a study out today from Michigan State University, given […]