Here are some websites that you can use with your child at home:

K-5 Math Teaching Resources – a great resource for conceptual understanding.


Addition. Subtraction, Division Self Correcting Quizzes


Math Worksheets

Math Games, Worksheets, and Homework Help

Time Telling Game

Tutpup fun basic math facts practice

Disco? No go! Basic Math Practice

Bang on Time

Interactive Games – some can be played by two players for more fun

Angles Games for Kids

Problem Solving Math Games

Geometry Games

Conquer that Multiplication Table!

At this time of the year, halfway through the school year, parents start to get really concerned when their children in fourth grade have not yet mastered the multiplication table.  It is generally expected that this is mastered at the end of third grade.  However, memorizing the multiplication table is really difficult for students who […]

Everyday Math for Parents!!!

A Grade 2 teacher shared this link about Everyday Math.  This is a wonderful resource for parents who always wonder why is math being taught in a different way these days. Everyday Math for Parents Explore the website to find all the answers to your questions about the Everyday Math program.  Hopefully, you’ll get the […]

Partial Quotients Video

Grade 4 parents, here’s a website for teaching partial quotients.

Math Problem Solving Strategies

  Math problem solving is always challenging for kids and even for adults, but there are some strategies that can be used to work around the difficulty. Some strategies can be found here and here. With my students, I work on the basic facts and computation first, and then we apply the skills to problem solving […]

Math Matters

…. or do we? This website from PBS in America outline why math matters and flags issues which may show that is child is a struggling math learner. Well worth a look.  Links also to the misunderstoodminds website which we have previously featured.

The Asian Math Advantage

How does the english language impact upon Math? Is Math in English more difficult? Do Asian’s have an advantage?

An excerpt from Malcolm Gladwell’s book – ‘Outliners’

Partial sums what??? I didn’t learn that in school!

Most parents get confused when their children tell them that it’s not how they do it in school.  I am talking about the way algorithms are taught in the Everyday Math program.  Partial sums, differences, products, quotients, what are those?  To make it easier on the parents and to provide consistency in the way the […]