superflex charactersOn Monday September 16, Michelle Garcia Winner will come to ISM work with the learning support team. She will be observing in classrooms and providing suggestions and feedback on students who could benefit from a “social thinking” program or strategies. There is a parent session on Tuesday September 17 from 8-10am in the Little Theatre which is open to anyone who would like to learn more about these strategies.

Social Thinking strategies teach individuals:

  • How their own social minds work – why they and others react and respond the way they do
  • How their behaviors affect the way others perceive and respond to them
  • And how this affects their own emotions, responses to and relationships with others across different social contexts

For individuals being taught or treated the objectives of these strategies include the ability to:

  • Recognize that they and others have different perceptions and abilities to process social information
  • Navigate their social thinking, social interaction and social communication toward more rewarding outcomes
  • Learn to better adapt and respond to the people and situations around them

Please visit Michelle Garcia Winner’s website to learn some more information about what “social thinking” is and how you might be able to help your child use these strategies at home too!