Rainy season and typhoons have you and your children feeling ‘cabin fever’? Well, here are some fun and easy activities to do indoors without having to be plugged into the television, game system, computer, iPad, iPods, or cell phones!

1. Make a hidden treasure complete with map or scavenger hunt for objects around the house.
2. Tell scary/silly stories. Enhance the excitement by turning the lights off and using flashlights or torches!
3. Have a ‘kids cooking/baking’ session. Pick something fun for breakfast or lunch and have quality time in the kitchen.
4. Practice writing letters (yes, hand written) to family and loved ones far away.
5. Good old board games can be afternoon fun for all.
6. Get physical: yoga, gymnastics, follow the leader, Simon says.
About.com has a short article on family fitness and 12 activities for a rainy day. To read the article and some fun ideas click here.

The possibilities for indoor activities are endless and not limited to this short list of ideas. If you find something your family loves to do on rainy days in Manila, please share with us!
Until then, stay dry!