This past April Rachael Huelskamp and I had the opportunity to attend two Lindamood-Bell Literacy trainings. The trainings were held at Taipei American School. We were fortunate enough to attend Visualizing and Verbalizing, often known as V/V and Seeing Stars. We were also fortunate enough to be a part of a highly trained group of teachers from international schools in Asia: Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Korea, and the Philippines.

Visualizing and Verbalizing is program used to support students with difficulty in comprehending written and spoken language. This program was developed based on the premise that students that can’t comprehend what they read or hear, have weak concept imagery. They often have to reread something several times and still only get bits and pieces. A student may have weaknesses in reading comprehension, oral language expression, oral language comprehension, and weak written language skills. Based on my professional experience, this is the best program to assist students in comprehending what they read and hear.

Seeing Stars is a program developed for weak symbol imagery. This would be those struggling readers. Students may have difficulty perceiving sounds in words and remembering the visual patterns of words which is orthography. A student that could benefit from Seeing Stars might have weak word recognition, spelling, visual memory,
contextual fluency, reading comprehension, and show some symptoms of dyslexia.

To learn more about Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, click here.

Both Rachael and I had four solid days of training. We’ve both been busy implementing this work with our students and continue to solidify our knowledge in teaching literacy to increase students fluency and understanding.