Young, Autistic and Stagestruck is a Channel 4 documentary from the UK that follows a group of young people aged from around 12 to 25.  The group of young people face different challenges posed by their Autism Spectrum Diagnosis as they embark upon a unique project to write and act in their own stage show.

This is one of the most moving, funny and inspirational documentaries I have ever seen!  The children are wonderful but it is the parents of the children featured that really take my breath away.

We have it available within the department along with a number of other documentaries, films and first-person accounts of children and adults with a variety of learning challenges from ADHD to dyslexia.

If you would like to have copies of Young, Autistic and Stagestruck or any of our other resources please email with your area of interest.  I will then email you back with the titles we have an arrange a time for you to bring in a portable hard drive or USB drive and I will upload them for you.