The ES LS team have finished putting our orders in for next year’s budget.  When we get back after the summer we usually have a few big boxes of new resources that we have ordered to use with our LS students.  So, what do we use day to day in the LS classroom and in the general classroom with your child?  Here is a round-up of some of the tools and programs that we regularly use.  Each product name will take you to a website describing it in more detail if you click it.

Reading, Spelling and Comprehension:

We have staff trained in using the Lindamood Bell programs from the US and we are sending another 3 teachers to Taipei in April to receive further training.

We have another teacher trained in administering the Wilson Program and this is being used for the first time this year at ISM.

We also use the Scholastics Phonics Chapter Books program and Get Ready for the Code and Explode the Code among others


We usually try to support math development through the resources that are used in the classroom, mainly Everyday Math but we do have an alternative math program called Saxon Math which presents math concepts in a different way.

Basic Concepts

We work with a range of manipulatives like dolls houses, coloured counters and cars, pretend food, board games and anything else that we have to hand to develop strong understanding of basic concepts like colours, numbers, location words, same vs different.  For this we use many products from one of our favourite websites Super Duper

Tools for attention management and focus development

Where would the ES LS team be without Time Timers?  We use these with lots of students in lots of environments and they have become so popular that many of our parents are using them at home or have the iPhone application.  Next year we are also really excited about getting a couple of Motiv-aiders which will be wonderful for some of our students.


Fastt Math, Read Naturally, Model Me Kids, My School Day, Earobics and Kidspiration are just some of the software that we use daily in our team to support kids in developing skills in a fun and interactive way.  We have just finished trialling a bunch of new software for next year too.  We are looking at ways to help students access technology to make them more independent in the classroom.  This means investing in dictation software and text to speech software.  We are also looking at programs to help develop working memory.

Social Skills

We use video modelling, board games, turn taking games and visual learning in our social skills programs.  We also use a lot of materials developed by Michelle Garcia Winner in her Social Thinking curriculum.  We are having tremendous success with this and some teachers are even using lessons from ‘Superflex’ with entire homeroom classes!  We have managed to arrange for Michelle Garcia Winner and her partner to come to ISM next year to do some training on communication skills and how teachers can best communicate with students with ASD and ADHD in the classroom and we are going to offer a parents session to go along with this delivered by Michelle.

If you would like to know more about any of these programs, tools or resources then speak with anyone from the LS team and we will give you a tour of the product.

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