In Learning Support we often have referrals for students who are receiving English as a Second Language services in school.  This most often poses a dilemma about what type of support is going to be most effective for students who seem to be making very limited progress in ESL and there are thoughts that perhaps there is a learning difficulty or disability that is potentially being masked by their language learning status.  However, it may be part of the natural language learning process.  Every child is different and every child has a unique language background.

In these situations we have to determine how we can get the best information we can on each student’s area of need.  All of our LS testing materials are in english and many of our programs are language based.

We are trying to work more closely with the ESL department to make sure that each child is beign supported to have success at ISM.  There are many more questions for us here and I have posted a couple of articles below if you are interested in reading further.

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