For the past week or two we have been learning about ‘flexible thinking’ using Michelle Garcia Winner’s ‘Superflex’ curriculum with the Grades 2 through 4 students. 

The programme centres around a mythical town called ‘Social Town’.  The greatest superhero that ever was used to live her but he has gone missing!!! In his absence, the ‘Unthinkables’ have been trying to take over the town one person at a time by invading their brain and causing them to forget to think about how other people think about them.  When we forgot to consider what other people are thinking about us it can cause us to act in ‘weird’ ways.

The goal of the programme is to get students to recognise undesirable behaviours in themselves and adapt the behaviour accordingly so that people are only having good, positive thoughts about them.  One example of this would be when a kid knows that they are being called for dinner but are so engrossed in whatever they are doing that they do not answer or stop their activity.  We call that ‘Rockbrain’ and we teach strategies for them to have flexible brain.


Not all students will grasp all elements of the curriculum or, they will grasp it but find it difficult to put into practice.  One way that we can make it easier for them is to use the terminology consistently, at home and at school.  This is the main reason for the homework which is attached to the end of each ‘lesson’ (not session).  This will enable you to become familiar with the ‘Superflex’ characters and terminology so that you can support your child at home.

I will be in my room for the majority of the parent conference time.  If you would like to pop in to see me and have a look at the programme then please feel free. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment time if you would like more of a discussion.