‘Living out loud’  is something that we can do very easily as parents and teachers that can help our children to learn and understand a great many things.  Living out loud means verbally documenting things that you are doing, as you do them.

To role model problem solving skills to children you can talk yourself through each step.  For example… you are working on the computer and you accidently delete the last paragraph of the email you are writing.  Say “Oh no!!  I have just lost all of the work that I have done by mistake.  I am not going to get mad or frustrated, I will just go to edit then press undo changes and it will all come back.’  This is what you would have done anyway but when you say it out loud your child can see that you too make mistakes, problems can be solved and that you did it without getting angry.

To show sequence you can document each part of a task.  When you are doing somethign like laying the table you can talk through each stage with your child.  For example ‘First I am going to get the cutlery out of the drawer.  I think I need a knife and fork for everyone and there are three of us so three knives and three forks.’ etc.

When you want to increase your child’s awareness of other people’s emotions and what affects these emotions, living out loud is a great strategy to use.  ‘Yay!  We managed to get ready and out of the house in only 30 minutes… that makes me really happy because I know we are not going to be late!’

*Adapted from Myles, Adreon & Gitlitz